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Custom Gene Regulation Services

gene regulation services to accelerate your research

In addition to the many different products that make up the LightSwitch™ Luciferase Assay System, Active Motif offers a wide variety of custom services that can help accelerate your gene regulation research. Click on the links below to learn more about:

  • Custom Cloning – We can clone any fragment from the human, mouse or rat genome into any LightSwitch luciferase reporter vector (promoter, 3´UTR, long-range element and 5´UTR).
  • Custom Mutagenesis – Our site-directed mutagenesis service can create any sequence variant from any existing LightSwitch reporter vector. Mutations may be up to 5 consecutive bases.
  • Pathway Screening Services – A cell-based screening service to measure the effects of compounds on a variety of biological pathways. We offer 48 validated human promoter reporter vectors to measure gene expression changes associated with 11 disease-related biological pathways. Ideal for secondary screening, lead optimization, off-target analysis and dose-response.
  • Sequence Variant Assay Services – Understand the functional impact of sequence variation on promoter or 3´UTR activity. Our services include creating promoter or 3´UTR sequence variants and then conducting transient reporter assays in living cells to quantify the effects of the sequence changes.
  • miRNA Target Validation Services – A full screening service to validate the 3´UTR targets of specific miRNAs. Using our genome-wide collection of human 3´UTRs cloned into our optimized luciferase reporter vector, we can validate the targets of miRNAs of interest using our high-throughput, cell-based assay.

To learn more, contact our custom LightSwitch services group.